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Introduction: SlapDash is now regarded as one of the best podcasts services. You can try official SlapDash Podcasts app if you have switched yourself to Windows 8 and you want to listen to your favorite podcasts. SlapDash Podcasts for Windows 8 is not truly the best podcast app on the Window Store but you can say it as the best looking one. The app has very appealing design. Apart from that, the app consists of extensive podcast catalog, news, entertainment, foodmovies, health and many more. Via RSS feeds, custom podcasts channels can also be subscribed. In the cloud, the subscriptions will be saved. It means that all the things can be accesses through Internet after logging in to SlapDash account. The same can be experienced if Windows phone app is used.
Downloading: If you want to download this app, then you need to go to Windows store. From the search field Charms Bar, you can look for it. By clicking the install option, you can start installing the application.
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Some specifications

SlapDash Podcasts for Windows 8 strictly follows the tile design of Windows 8 for presenting podcast items. The channels are categorized into several sections like Spotlight, Subscribed, Latest Episodes and Catalog. The featured podcasts are highlighted by Spotlight. Under the Subscribed section, custom channels appear. You can add any podcast by right clicking anywhere on the screen and then by hitting Add Podcast. After you hit the button ‘Add Podcast’, you can type the URL in the address field and then you can click the button ‘Add’.
Some more features of SlapDash: The Catalog portion contains the channels and the list of choices can be expanded by clicking any category further. Almost all the popular podcasts are contained by News section and you can sort them by just one click. You are allowed to download the stream the podcasts. Another very interesting feature of this app is that the playback position of your podcast can be saved by it. The podcast can be played from where it was left off.
Conclusion: SlapDash Podcasts for Windows 8 is an excellent app for Windows. Some drawbacks of this app are: sometimes the pause and stop button does not work properly and also the download process does not work always. The Pro version is free of ads but the free version is not. It works on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.
SlapDash Podcasts for Windows 8 Reviewed by Anwar Abir on 3:14 AM Rating: 5

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